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Full songs.
All versions available via DISCO.
Instrumental, cuts, stems

Registered with BMI. 100% both owner. Precleared.

Two Be Fun
 Indie Rock, Alternative,                

Latest Release

Kiss me Baby
Rockabilly / Rock'N'Roll
Mood; Fun, Chill, Funny

Boy's Feelings
Rock, Rock'n'roll, Alternative
Similar to: Led Zeppelin, Chuck Berr

Electronic, indie, alternative
similar to: arctic monkeys

Tumba Banana
Electronic, Rock
Trailer/ rock/ sport

Fox Records Presents:

The David Becker Project - Feeling Blues
 Indie Rock, Alternative,                
Blues rock

The David Becker Project - Good Times
 Indie Rock, Rock'n'roll, Rockabilly            
Mood; Fun, Hilarious, Chill

Music: Music

Especially for
''Songs of Love" org.

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